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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

We'd hoped to hit the pumpkin patch last weekend, but the weather didn't cooperate -- so we did a "better late than never" visit on Tuesday. Fun!

We went back to the same little school-sponsored patch that we've been going to for several years now. Both kids obviously remembered it. BB had no trouble picking out her pumpkin right away.
BJ, having seen that BB picked a big one, decided he needed an even bigger pumpkin. So he went around looking for the biggest one in the patch and brought them next to BB's to compare.

BB just hung out with her pumpkin, watching him trying to decide on his.
When he'd finally decided which one he liked best, they were both pretty happy with their choices.

After paying for our pumpkins, we walked the "haunted trail." At first, BB didn't want to do it at all, but then she decided it would be OK so long as she held my hand. BJ wanted to hold hands as well. (I love it that my kids still both love holding my hands!)

After we all went through one time, they wanted to do it again. This time, they stayed close to S but were much less clingy.

After we'd done it twice, they declared, "That wasn't scary At All!" And they wanted to do it All By Themselves. So they did.

From where we stood at the entrance, we could watch them the whole time (it's a big loop, and not all that big). I had all the predictable thoughts about how sweet it was to watch them go through together, holding hands, and I had all the predictable bittersweet emotions, realizing yet again how much they are growing up.

And indeed they are! My little "pumpkins" really aren't so little anymore... so perhaps it's appropriate that they would both want big pumpkins this year. Now if only they were old enough to be counted on to help with the task of scooping out all that pulp....