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Friday, October 8, 2010


Our house sold today!

(So that shriek of joy, "HALLELUJAH!!!" that you may have heard about 11:45 a.m. PST was probably me yelling. Sorry for any damaged eardrums.)

Yes, the house that we moved out of in JANUARY. The house that we had multiple offers on and deals fall through on -- that same house. I could go into the details about all the fiascos involved, but I'll spare you, dear reader. Suffice to say that escrow finally closed today, after many many delays. I picked up the check this afternoon and deposited it, so it is really and truly done.

(Though I don't quite believe it, even now -- it's been such a long road!)

When this finally sinks in, I'll feel about 50 pounds lighter. The amount of stress I've been carrying around about this has been huge. I already feel an enormous amount of relief.



giki said...

Hooray!! Yippee!! I'm so pleased for all of you!!!
Wonderful news!
Thanks for letting us know

cath c said...

congratulations!!! wonderful news.

Jamie said...

Congratulations! Truly a feat in this day and age- not only selling the house, but also just walking away from the table with a check! (Kind of sad commentary on where things are, really, but good for you!!)

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Thank you!!! Yes, it sure felt like a Herculanean feat. We just can't think about how different things would have been if we'd sold three years ago, ya know? Yes, a very sad commentary on where things are.

Honestly, though, we just feel blessed it's worked out as it has. Sure could have been worse (as it was for so very many people). And mostly we are grateful that it is FINALLY DONE!!!

tierramor said...

Awesome! Huzzah!