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Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy day-after Halloween! It's been a costume-and-candy filled few days around here, and now that the sugar high is wearing off I have a few moments to catch up a bit.

The fun started on Friday, with Halloween celebrations at the kids' schools. I also got the best costume pictures that day. BJ the skeleton and BB as Princess Ariel (in human form -- an important detail, as BB would remind you):

BB especially loved her wig. I don't think this color of shocking red is to be found in nature. Definitely a Disney shade.
I'm very happy to say that the alterations I did to BJ's costume survived a long and active day of being worn at school -- and then a lot of trick or treating!

I dressed up on Friday as a gypsy (otherwise known as the "rifle through your closet until you find a costume" approach to costume design).

S was Steve from Blue's Clues -- again. He's gotten a lot of mileage out of that shirt!
We hung around at BJ's school to see the Halloween parade (which BB also wanted to participate in, so long as I walked in it as well. Good thing I'd dressed up!) We didn't have time to stay for the carnival, since we had to get to BB's preschool for her parade. Busy family! But by all reports, the carnival was a Very Good Time.

At preschool, the kids did their parade and a little pre-arranged trick or treating. BB was very happy to see her friend J, who was dressed up like a butterfly. And J was happy to see BB was well. Not that you can particularly read that from the body language in this picture!

BB was very pleased to walk with J, holding hands of course. She's definitely doing better at preschool, and the friendship with J is making a huge contribution.
After trick or treating, we hung out a bit. It was very nice that S was able to join us!
Like I said, BB really loved her costume -- especially that wig!
On Halloween night, we put out our pumpkins but didn't expect to get any trick or treaters here at the apartment. (And we didn't.)
The kids had drawn on the faces, and we did the cutting. BJ's is on the left (the "scary" pumpkin) and BB's is on the right (the "silly" pumpkin).

We'd invited our new friends from school over for dinner and trick or treating, and we had a really nice time. BB was especially glad to be able to go trick or treating with Snow White!
The kids were very excited about being outside, in the dark. And we saw some really cool pumpkins, too! (Go Giants!)

(Side note -- we let the kids stay up tonight to watch the Giants win the World Series. It's been very cute to watch them learning a bit about baseball.)

Here's our dynamic duo, out trick or treating:
By the end of the night (approaching 8 pm -- late for the kids!) we were all getting tuckered out. The princesses needed to be carried home on the dads' shoulders. Such good dads!
Ours was a very happy Halloween. I hope yours was too!


cath c said...

very cute!

tierramor said...

So sweet! Glad you had a good one. Need to get a Jen fix in soon!

Splendid Little Stars said...

very fun photos and great costumes! Everyone is having such fun!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

aww, thanks! we really had a great time.

yes, miri, i need a fix too!!!