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Monday, November 8, 2010

My First OUTDOOR Show!

Friday was Mama's Magic Studio's first outdoor show, and it was a big success! The weather was beautiful, my canopied booth looked decent, and I made quite a few sales. Yay!

Here's what my booth looked like:

Certainly not going all out with the space, but not bad given what I had to work with. First time I'd had a space this big, so I was daunted by the prospect of filling up more than one table. Excellent to have so much room, though!

I finally got around to making a nice table covering for my 6 foot table, but I didn't have a cloth to match for the 8 foot table they were including, so I tossed the cloths I had over it in make do fashion. Looked a little random, but it was OK.

I love how the purple custom cover turned out, though. Made it to fit from a full sized queen sheet set I found at the thrift store. The skirt is attached, it goes all the way down to the ground to cover up the boxes beneath but has a vent in the back for easy access. And I used the elastic corners from the fitted sheet to help fit the cover around the tabletop.

I love my new canopy, too and love my new tent weights. You fill them with water and hook them around the poles. Clever, eh?

The day started out a little slow -- it was a 10 am start on Friday on a college campus, after all. But once the students woke up and headed our way, things really picked up.
I continue to improve my setup with each show that I do. This time, I was especially pleased with the display for my knitting inspired jewelry. While shopping at the thrift store (same visit that produced the purple sheets) I came across a wire-sided basket that had spaces to fit perfectly with the plastic hooks I use on my earring cards. So I could display my knitting earrings, pendants, and new rings all together!
Customers always are attracted to my little bowls of wire work. Nice to have something they can touch readily available.
I'm hoping to get some of these rings listed in my shop very soon. They've turned out well!

More oohs and aaahs over my Decadent Dangle earrings:

Earrings were a very popular seller with the college crowd, especially my fraternal earring pairs. And I sold my first wire wrapped ring!

I think I'm going to invest in an official ring holder with slots to keep them in place. They didn't show as well as I would have liked all jumbled up in the wooden dish -- the default seemed to be with them face down, rather than their best side up. But even so, they got lots of compliments and I think if I'd been able to prepare more size variety ready made, I would have sold more. Working on that!

It was nice to have something specifically holiday-themed at the table: my new re-usable cloth gift bags:

Three sizes available -- small (perfectly sized for my jewelry gift boxes), medium (excellent for a bottle of wine) and large (good for larger boxes).

And, because I could, I took a little video to capture the event for posterity! Enjoy!

I'm already looking forward to my next outdoor show -- the Winter Wonderland Craft Bazaar in San Francisco on December 4th!

But first, I get to do an indoor show at Napredak Hall here in the South Bay. I'l post more about that this week!

That one is on Nov 21st - in less than two weeks! Mama's gonna be busy making more inventory.... put in a big order for sterling silver wire today!

1 comment:

cath c said...

looks like fun and you are obviously proud of your new set up! kelly at the happy shack has loads of experience at outdoor shows if you need any advice.