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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Break

Yesterday was a long, full, wonderful day -- left the house at 8 a.m. for Urban Bazaar to participate in the SF Etsy Team's Winter Wonderland Craft Bazaar. It was great fun, and I'm pleased to report that Mama's Magic Studio did well. But I didn't get home until after 11 pm! And when I did get home, I found my girl still awake with a fever of 101 degrees.

So today it's time for a little break and some recuperating. Probably tomorrow too!

The kids have been drawing a lot lately, and I thought it would be fun to share some of their art, so while we're taking our break, you can enjoy a few of their pictures!

BJ's picture of our family, which he drew last week for S:
He did a lot of it in yellow crayon, so it's hard to read, but from left to right it's: BB, BJ, me, and S.

BB drew this picture of our family this morning:
From left to right: BB, me, S, BJ. Butchie, our cat, is in the lower right corner. (In the very lower right corner is a teeny tiny face, I'm not sure who it is) and below the heart and a little to the left (above BJ) is another drawing of BB, or so I'm told. I love it that she gave her dad glasses! It's fascinating to see how BJ still loves to scribble while BB is exploring with lines and dots.

Here's one of BJ's drawings from the morning: The Life Cycle of a Star.

Here's how he explained it to me: the upper left (green with red center) is a nebula. Moving to the right, the orange next to it is a proto star. The yellow next to that is a middle-aged star. Below that is a red giant. The purple with curves in the center is a super nova with planet ashes (the ashes are the curves). The red circle in the lower left corner is a neutron star. The purple object in the very lower left is a black hole. So there you go!

BB also drew a princess this morning. Princess Jennifer, I'll have you know.

Ah, there's nothing quite so wonderful as kids' art. Have a great Sunday!


memakestuff said...

Hey Jen, please go check out our team's flickr site, i have posted a sweet pic of you there...hope your kids feel better...

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Hey, thanks! Flickr is so cool -- I don't spend nearly enough time on there to have figured everything out, but I found the pic (I think!) Thanks for letting me know it was there and thanks for the healthy well-wishes. We're doing much better, thank goodness!