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Friday, December 10, 2010

Long Week

It was a challenging week, with BB home from preschool on Tuesday and Thursday and lots to get done with holiday prep and the like. One of those weeks that rush by but feel like they last forever. The good news is that she woke up this morning and announced, "Mommy! I'm ALL BETTER!" Then she asked if we could make a cake to celebrate her not being sick anymore. That's my girl!

(Yes, we did make the cake. There's a reason I keep cake mix and frosting on hand in the pantry! And turns out that Trader Joe's new yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting mix are pretty good. Then again, given how much butter each contains, it would be criminal if they weren't tasty.)

The other good news is that we made it to visit Santa!

BJ has requested an astronaut suit (including helmet, gloves, and boots) and BB has asked for a pink yo-yo and an Eric doll (as in Princess Ariel's Eric). BJ had lots of questions for Santa: "What's your wife's name? What is it like at the north pole? What are the names of your helpers?"

(Santa's answers: Goody, cold and snowy, and Tonka, Fisher, and Mattel. There's Santa humor for you.)

Now if we could just all stay healthy for a while...! That's what I would have asked Santa for, if anybody was wondering.

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cath c said...

absolutely darling!