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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Little Performer

On Saturday, BB starts ballet class. This week, we went out and bought the required ballet costume and ballet shoes. She LOVES them.

Here she is on tippy toes, "Just like a real ballerina!"

She is really excited about ballet class. And I think she's ready. She certainly enjoys dancing and performing, as evidenced by this little video:
She does little performances almost daily -- more often than not, her "quiet time" involves singing and dancing to kids' music CDs. She'll set up a little stage and arrange her dolls and stuffies as an audience. One of these days I'm going to catch it on video....

It was her idea to take a video and pics of her in her new ballet outfit to share with her Giki, since Giki wasn't able to join us for the trip to the dance supply store. (My folks left early yesterday morning; we all said our goodbyes on Tuesday night.) So here you are, Giki! We miss you and Pop-Pop very much!


giki said...

Hooray BB! What a wonderful dancer you are!!! I am so glad I got to see you in your ballet outfit and shoes!! I know you are going to really enjoy your classes! Thanks so much for making the video so I could see how lovely you look in your new ballet outfit. I'm so excited for you!!! I miss you BB. And I love you-A heartful!
Thanks for sharing!

cath c said...

she looks so excited to be taking dance!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

She's absolutely delighted! S took her to her first class this past weekend and apparently she LOVED it. YAY!