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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Other Little Performer

In three weeks, the school play at BJ's elementary will have its first performance. Beauty and the Beast is the play, and the kids have all been working hard to learn their parts. BJ is cast as a village child, and over the holidays I took advantage of my mom's expertise to work on his costume. I'm comfortable doing the actual sewing, but interpreting patterns is not my strength, so it was a huge comfort to have my mom's help figuring out what went where and how it all went together.

Today was the costume review, and the directors were totally charmed by BJ's costume. It did turn out really well, though I say it myself!

I sewed the shirt, knickers, and belt. Lace up brown shoes were requested, and I was very happy to find a pair for $3 at Savers. Socks courtesy of Target.

I'd originally been tempted to leave off the laces on the shirt, because I was terrified to punch holes in the fabric.

Me giving BJ a hug as thanks for trying on the costume in progress. For about the twelfth time. His patience was running a little thin by that point!

But after my mom left, and I had BJ try on the whole costume thinking it was done, the shirt just didn't look quite right. To Jo-Ann's I went, in search of an eyelet punch. Mustering my courage, I made the holes and inserted the eyelets. Who knew it would be that easy! And the results were worth it.

Here's BJ "acting" for the camera:

Now that's one fine looking village boy! I'm so excited to see him in the play. My guy is growing up, that's for sure! And thanks again to Giki for all her help with the costume!


giki said...

You were spot on! The laces SO make the costume! What a terrific job you did! BJ looks the part in his wonderful costume. Wish I could be there to see him in the play. Glad that I got to at least have a tiny part in helping you. I do iron really well!

cath c said...

he looks great! and the costume is spot on for the disney version!

~Debra said...

BJ sure is adorable & you look great, Jennifer!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Thanks so much, everybody! He's very pleased with his costume. And mom, you did a heckuva lot more than iron!

Cathy, the costume designer really took her job seriously -- I owe much of the good results to her suggestion. Mom helped me find the pattern and sew it up!

Great to "see" you here, Debra! Thanks for your kind words!