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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In the "good news/bad news" department: I found out today that my eyesight has actually improved during the last two years. But the reason I was prompted to get this information is less than wonderful.

Shortly after BB was born, I had my eyes checked and was given a prescription for glasses, particularly for reading, computer work, and driving. It was a fairly mild prescription (don't recall the specifics) and I could see OK without them, but life was definitely clearer when I wore my glasses. I wore them pretty regularly. (Much to S's satisfaction, since he has confessed, more than once, that he finds girls in glasses attractive. And I admit that made it easier to wear them!)

About a year ago, I stopped wearing my glasses (in spite of S's enthusiasm for seeing them on my face) because it seemed my vision was better without them. I was overdue for an eye exam, but being a busy Mom I just let it ride figuring I was doing OK.

Then, last Thursday, I had my first migraine. Wow, I had no idea how horrible such headaches could be. A childhood friend of mine was afflicted by them, and I still remember part of a poem she wrote about her migraines -- "the biting pain of mind." Now I understand what she meant. This one hit me hard: nausea, vomiting, strange effects on my vision, and crushing pain all around the crown of my head. I slept off most of it, but for two days afterwards I still had a mild headache and the vision in my left eye wasn't quite right.

Scary stuff. Scary enough to get me to the doctor, who did a full checkup and said everything seemed OK at the moment, but it sounded to her like I'd had an ocular migraine. So she sent me to get my eyes checked, which I finally did today.

Which leads to the good news: I now have 20/20 vision! (Funny the things one is proud of -- not like I could control this in the least, but it's obscurely satisfying that my eyesight is so good, especially since not so long ago I was wearing glasses.)

And the other good news is that the opthamologist today didn't see any problems with my eyes that would be of concern. Hopefully, the migraine will be a one-time event (which is possible, apparently). I've thought and thought about my day and evening to see if I could identify a possible trigger -- but to no avail. No unusual foods, no extraordinary stress, no particular eyestrain (I'd been working on the computer for a while, but that's not unusual for me in the evenings). I've been instructed to really try to stay aware of eye fatigue, and to take breaks from jewelry work, reading, and computer work on a regular basis. But if I get another one, I will have to figure out what is triggering them. Fingers crossed that this is a puzzle I don't have to solve!


tierramor said...

UGH! Having visited sudden-migraine-land, I really hope you never have to go back! But I pity Scott who doesn't get to see you in yer glasses; I try to get P to wear hers to no avail. What is it about smart looking women...hmmm...

Migraines are odd, aren't they? Turn our lives upside-down with one hand, restore our vision with the well!!!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

I hope I don't have to go back, either! That's too cute about P and her glasses :-)

cath c said...

i have rare migraines, but i usually don't call them that until a few days later when i realize just how badly it walloped me. i know what you mean about the pain. nothing like it - turn off the lights!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

i'm sorry to hear that they afflict you too, cathy! so far it's been just the one for me...