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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BB Goes Bowling!

This past weekend, one of BB's preschool friends had a Birthday Bowling party (ah, the varied festivities involved in turning four years old!) so BB got to go bowling for the first time! She took it Very Seriously. I mean, just look at that face, scoping out the lanes!
Her first attempt was a pretty basic approach: Sit, Push, and Wait.
We had to wait a looooong time with those first few balls. I took a video of her second attempt:
Pretty soon, she was tinkering with her technique. Let's try something from the side! (Thank goodness for bumpers!)
A little windup... wait for it...
Look, Mom! I knocked down some pins!
When she got home and told BJ all about it, he was fascinated. He wanted to know: What happens to the ball? Where do the pins go? How do they reappear? He's never been bowling before, but given the fun BB had and BJ's interest, there's probably a family bowling trip in our future!


~Debra said...

What a sweet little lady! Looks like she had fun!

giki said...

BB in a pony tail-Looking so grown up and cute! She reminds me of you at that age! Love it!

tierramor said...

OH, I LOOOVE the scowly concentration face! :)

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

we had a great time! mom, i'm getting glimpses of me in her, too, mom. very sweet. miri, i love that face too :-)