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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Etsyblogger's February Carnival -- Going Green

This round of the Etsyblogger's carnival asked us to write about "green" topics -- either St. Patty's traditions and memories or ways in which we are being greener in our lives or businesses. We've never done much to celebrate St. Patrick's Day around here, so I thought I'd write about my efforts to live a little greener. Today, for instance, I:

  • used my own cloth tote bags instead of plastic shopping bags. I always travel with at least one re-usable shopping bag in my purse, a Flip and Tumble 24-7 bag that I love. It packs down to a little bundle about the size of my fist and when unfolded it holds a lot. I would love to have another one of them -- anybody looking for a gift for me in the future, the purple one here would be perfect!

  • shopped at a thrift store instead of buying new -- today I scored $114 worth of clothes for the kids, S, and myself. That filled four good sized shopping bags (including the Flip & Tumble -- and the other three bags were even bigger! I remembered to bring additional ones, knowing that my one Flip and Tumble probably wouldn't be enough!) Frugal and green, all in one.

  • used vinegar instead of chemical fabric softener in my laundry

  • used organic ingredients in our meals (milk, eggs, Annie's mac & cheese, broccoli)

Here are some other green things we do in the usual course of things:

  • walk! Both the kids walk to and from school. S walks to work. We walk to the grocery store. (I love my little wheeled grocery cart!) It's not uncommon for days to go by without anybody driving the car. This is probably the most important thing we do to reduce our carbon footprint as a family.

  • buy local! We shop at the farmer's market most Saturdays, and I try to buy local (and handmade!) whenever possible.

  • support local organic through a CSA. We get a box from Catalan's Laughing Onion Farm every other week.

  • recycle! (Of course! Having grown up in a place where we had to separate everything and haul our own recyclables to a recycling center, it still surprises me how easy they make it to recycle here. Just put the recyclables in their own dumpster, and that's it!)

  • repair, reuse and repurpose! I am all about fixing or finding new ways to use old things in different ways. This past week, I patched a pair of jeans, repaired a hole in a sweater, and put aside some old bead necklaces that I will salvage for components some time in the future.

  • eco-conscious crafting. At Mama's Magic Studio, and in all my crafting, I do what I can to source sustainable materials for my handcrafting and to be as eco-conscious as possible. For example, I get fabrics from FabMo and I use eco-friendly wood in my handmade knitting needles.

That's just a short list, and I'm sure there's more -- many of the things I do to try to live a greener life are things I do almost without thinking. And I know I could be doing more! Often, I find that my impulses towards frugality coincide with my attempts to be more ecologically conscious, so it's a nice synchronicity.

What do you do to be a little greener, every day?


Janet Bocciardi said...

Jen - you're doing great!! I've added one of those bags to my Amazon wish list. I use my grocery cloth bags for everything when I shop, but it would be nice to have something ready in my purse and more "fashionable".. if someone wants to get me one. : )

I think you gave folks a lot to think about and showed how easy it is to "just do it!"

tierramor said...

Awesome! We should all be so green!

Linda Pruitt said...

These are great suggestions! I love it!