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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday S -- at Happy Hollow Zoo

As I mentioned yesterday, we celebrated S's birthday in part with a visit to Happy Hollow Zoo. It was somewhat of a miracle that we found parking (for free, even!) since this whole February School Break thing, combining with a welcome break in the rainy weather, meant that most of San Jose also thought it was a good afternoon for a HHZ trip. We had to walk over from Kelly Park, since the usual lot was full, but it was worth it.

BJ wanted to visit the animals first, so after a quick ride on the carousel we headed over to the zoo area. Here is S with BB, watching....

the meerkats! They were super active and very fun to watch.

It was a more than half hour wait to ride Danny the Dragon, but the kids were super patient. And when it was finally our turn, we were at the very front of the line so we got to pick our seat!
Naturally both the kids wanted to be in front. So I got to snuggle up with my sweetie and watch the back of their little blond heads throughout the ride. Not a bad way to spend five minutes, even if it did take more than 30 for it to happen.
Of course it wouldn't be a visit to HHZ without getting to see Danny!

BB was feeling brave -- had obviously grown up a lot in the months since our last visit -- and declared that she wanted to ride the Frog Hopper for the first time. S and BJ kept her company, and they all seemed to have a good time.

She also decided to take a spin on the swings for the first time. Love the little "I'm so brave I can barely stand it" coy look that she was giving me the whole time she was waiting for the ride to start...

It was a lovely afternoon. We really ought to head over there more often!

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