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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simple Pleasures

We've been having a nice week, full of simple pleasures. The kids have been getting along really well with BJ home from school, which helps enormously. It's fun to see them getting better and better at entering each others' imaginative realms, overlapping and compromising so that they can better enjoy each others' company. Case in point: an extended voyage through the solar system, visiting each of the planets in turn (a longstanding joy for BJ), while searching for The Fairy Planet, of which BB was the queen. Here they are, The Queen Fairy and The Astronaut, standing on the surface of Mercury (a piece of butcher paper that they decorated appropriately, coloring it in together).
Today, while BB was at preschool, S and I took BJ to the local used book store, an outing that is quickly becoming a favorite of his as well.
I love how excited he is by books. A kid after my own heart for sure (and his dad's too). We especially like this bookstore because of the cool bookstore cats. This one in particular was fond of S, crawling right into his lap and making herself at home.
After the bookstore, we went to one of our favorite places to eat, the fish market. One goes there for the food, not for the ambiance. And it was indeed yummy! Here's BJ satiated by grilled shrimp.

Yesterday, we had the lovely simple pleasure of a playdate with some of our most favorite people. Wagon rides and a snack outside in the sun? Yes, please!
Especially since the kids can now pull each other in the wagon for some of the time!

In the afternoon, BJ and BB had great fun watching ants at the base of the tree outside our apartment. Between watching the ants, digging for the ants, deciding they should make ant homes (to make up for the bits they dug up) and then making the ant homes, they were busy for quite some time.

It was so good to be outside yesterday. While the kids did their thing with the ants, I contemplated the plants coming in to bloom. Trees budding and flowering, daisies in the grass, and a gorgeous patch of poppies across the lawn.
It was particularly good to be outdoors because the rain has returned today and is likely to stay through the weekend. There's even talk of the possibility of snow here on Saturday!


tierramor said...

WOW lovely flowers - although, they look like anemones? Is that Recycle Books? Have they gotten a new kitteh? Gosh I miss that place...and I miss YOU! Can't wait to see you soon.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

yep, that's recycle! they have not one but TWO new kittens! and a new wood floor. definitely spiffing it up :-)

I Miss You Too! Check out the flowers when you're here and give me your expert opinion -- i've always called them poppies. Googled it and apparently there's something called the poppy anemone, so maybe we're both right!

tierramor said...

I *never* check back after I comment, I wonder how many sweet rejoinders I have missed? So recycle has recycled the kittehs? :( I'll try on the flowers; ornamentals aren't my specialty, but remember when we each used to look stuff up after our hikes? Those poults were eons ago, and featured at your baby shower nonetheless. Memories.

cath c said...

i'm woth bj - used bookstores are my favorite kind of fun.

the poppies are gorgeous!