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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've been quiet over here because every time I sit down at the computer, my screen brings up more awful, terrifying news about the catastrophic events in Japan. It makes my heart hurt, and like so many I feel incredibly powerless in the face of such horrors. Anything I might have to share here seems so very trivial in comparison. Household humor, minor frustrations, small triumphs, daily joys, kindergarten news, preschool happenings, the medical complications of an aged cat... what meaning can they have alongside such devastation?

And yet, life goes on. Miracles happen, like the rescue of this 4 month old baby. Astonishing. But so little good news to outweigh the bad.

It might seem a strange juxtoposition, but I keep finding myself thinking of the movie Living Out Loud. In particular, the scene when Holly Hunter's character is watching the series of terrible news reports -- crack babies, terrorism -- and she keeps repeating, "Awful, awful! What do they expect us to do with all this information? What am I supposed to do with all this information???"

What, indeed, other than let your heart hurt, help in the ways that you can, and hold life a little more dear.

I'm clutching BJ's hand a little tighter as we walk to school. I'm cuddling BB closer whenever she'll consent to it. I'm hugging S a bit harder whenever I get the chance. I'm a helluva lot more anxious about the fact that we live in Earthquake Country ourselves. But oh so grateful for how good we have it.


~Debra said...

Praying for you guys that you don't have any issues yourselves!

Living here in Japan has definitely been an experience for sure! Right now I am on emotional overload!

Angela said...

It is truly awful. I've lived in "earthquake country" my whole life so the earthquake part doesn't seem quite so scary, but that water... I find much consolation in prayers of thanks for our safety, and in prayers for those who are hurting. They are not alone.

tierramor said...

Ah, I love this post. So good to know someone is there with me. Facebook is the most frustrating right now, I think; TV shows, new gadgets, small frustrations - how can people care so little? Whatever, it's not mine to judge, and doing so will help nothing.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

Debra, I can only imagine how hard and stressful and overwhelming all this must be. I am keeping all of you in my thoughts.

Angela, that's about the only consolation I'm finding these days too. I understand.

Miri, I figured you'd sympathize with me here ;-) Not mine to judge either, and yet there I am, judging... sigh.