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Monday, March 28, 2011

BJ's 6th Birthday Party Was A Blast!

As advertised, the "Blast Off" to BJ's 6th Birthday Party provided an astronomical amount of fun!
(That's the pic we put on his invitations -- first time I'd gotten a good pic of him in the space suit he received for Christmas!)

The cake, as I mentioned yesterday, turned out pretty well.

It was certainly on-theme, and tied in nicely with the bounce house!
We got really lucky to have a break in the rain so that we could go ahead with the bounce house as planned. And after a cabin-fevered week, mostly spent indoors avoiding the downpours, it was really great to see the kids spending time outdoors and getting some exercise.

They bounced, played tag, did outer space themed crafts (color your own space magnet and making a "Universe in a Bottle" -- a pretty neat craft that I'll post directions for soon). Hung out in the rocket ship tent.
Bounced some more, had some cake...

There's the rocket ship and Jupiter, along with the lemon sun cake (which turned out to be very yummy). Then the kids bounced some more, the girls had a dress up session in the play room (BB was especially happy to play with E and J). It was just generally a jam-packed two hours!

The ten kids were all very well-behaved -- a good thing, since we'd told parents they could either stay or drop off and only three of the parents hung around for the party (interestingly enough all of them dads). Did I mention how happy we were that we could have an indoor-outdoor party? Thank you, Weather Gods, for looking kindly on our little celebration.

After the party, BJ opened his gifts and was absolutely thrilled that so many of them were Cleary Scientific. He got started right away on the Dino Excavation Kit. Clearly, as far as he was concerned, any party day that ends up with him wearing safety goggles is A Good Day.

The bounce house rental place was very generous in letting us keep the bouncer well beyond the 6 hours we'd paid for, which turned out to be a mixed blessing. BB and BJ were playing in it right up until bath time, and at the end of the day they were both utterly tuckered out. The only downer to the day -- and it was a doozy but could have been much worse -- was that when BB went to bed she was complaining about a sore arm. She was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open, but she kept mumbling about her elbow hurting, so we checked it out (she could move it and didn't seem to be in too much pain) gave her an ice pack, and told her to tell us if it got worse.

Well, about an hour and a half she woke up screaming and crying. Both S and I ran in, and at first we thought it was a nightmare, but then we realized she was hysterically trying to tell us that her arm hurt. She's had nursemaid's elbow twice before, so of course that was my first thought. I stood her up and did the manipulation to get the elbow joint realigned, but unlike the last time I neither felt it pop back into place, nor did the manipulation immediately calm her down. She was still sobbing about how much her arm hurt, so of course I got on the Kaiser nurse line to see where we should take her at 9:30 at night on a Sunday.

Thankfully, the minor wound clinic in San Jose was open until 11 p.m (I really, really didn't want to go into the ER unless we had to) so I bundled my poor crying girl into the car and headed out. About five or ten minutes later, as she was settling down, she started chattering randomly and rather cheerily about how strange it was to be out in the dark, and how weird the street lights seemed, and "Look Mommy, there's a palm tree! I always wanted one!"

By this point we had practically reached the turn into the medical facility, and I was suspecting (with great relief) that my girl was in fact Perfectly Fine. I asked her if her arm hurt "a little, a lot, or not at all." She replied it hurt "only a little, little bit." Clearly, she was no longer in excruciating pain. I asked if she felt okay, and she said, "Yes, I feel okay."

I was tempted to turn back around, but since we were all but there, I figured we might as well get her checked out -- better that than ending up back at home later on, after the clinic had closed, having her in pain again, and going to the ER in the wee hours of the morning! So we went in, and after only a five minute wait or so, based on my explanation the doctor entirely agreed with what I thought had happened: she had at least partially dislocated her elbow, probably when she was jumping around in the bounce house with her brother, holding hands and playing Ring Around the Rosy very energetically. When she went to bed, she was so exhausted that it didn't cause her much pain, and she moved in her sleep or rolled over so that she was on her arm or dislocated it further, which is what woke her up. Then, when I manipulated it, I got it back in, but she was so upset and hysterical she didn't notice it.

At any rate, the doctor said it was back in joint, no sign of any problem. So we only lost about an hour and a half of the night -- and as a result, BB is currently napping. Alas, I need to go wake her up so we can pick up her brother from school! The good news is she's been in a really good mood today and is clearly Just Fine. And BJ is all excited to come home and play with his new science toys -- plus get together the poster for the science fair -- so it should be a good afternoon. Hope so! Those post-party parent energy levels are pretty low today!

1 comment:

~Debra said...

Looks like a fantastic party! Happy belated birthday to Benji!

Glad to hear the little lady is ok!