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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mama Radar

My Mama Radar must have been set to Extra-Sensitive today. I was taking a much-needed walk with my dear friend M, and the idea was to stroll for a bit before picking up BJ from school. We ended up at the school about half an hour early, and we were hanging out chatting, when I got a call on my cell. I almost never get calls on the cell, since we use it as an emergency only number, and in fact I usually don't even have it on. But as we were leaving, some extra mama-sense told me that I should have the phone with me....

Good thing, since it was BJ's teacher calling me to ask if I could come get him early. And there we were right across the playground from the door to his classroom. I was literally waving to his teacher as I was saying, "Oh, of course I can, in fact I'm right here now!"

Poor boo was sick -- fever of 103.5 when we got home -- and it was heartbreaking to walk home with him crying all the way because he felt so crummy. M was very kind about carrying his backpack for him and helping him hold it together while I signed him out of the office. His fever came right down with some ibuprofen, so hopefully this is just a quick virus. We'll see. At this point, I just hope that he gets a good night's sleep and that it's nothing serious -- and that it doesn't play dominoes with the family's immune systems.

On a happier note, Butchie seems a little perkier today and the swelling in her eye has gone down enough for her to be able to open it a little bit. Still quite swollen and painful looking, but better. Thanks to the many people who have reached out with their kind words and thoughtful reactions. It's greatly appreciated.


giki said...

Yikes! Poor BJ! I imagine that was a long walk home for the Poor Boo!
Keeping fingers crossed that the rest of the household stays bug free. Glad to hear that Butchie Blue is feeling a tad better.
Sending healing thoughts out to all that need them!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

thanks for the crossed fingers -- so good to talk to you this afternoon.