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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Lil' Sweet Peas

In honor of my first lil' sweet pea's sixth birthday, I wanted to give a little sneak peek of a new design I've been working on in Mama's Magic Studio: lil' sweet pea pod pendants!
I'm still testing out the design -- my other two initial prototypes both used pearls for the peas and used felt for one pod and polymer clay for the other. But neither was just right. This latest iteration of the design uses a lovely green satin for the outer pod and dyed genuine freshwater pearls for the peas, with a green wire frame.

I've been wearing mine for a week or so on a neck wire to give it a test drive.

I like how lightweight and vibrant it is, and I've been getting lots of compliments! I'm trying to decide if I should treat the satin in any way to make it more durable. Considering applying an acrylic sealer and will do that in my next sample, to see how that works out.

Of course, like my bird's nests, I'd be able to customize this design so that the number of pearl peas in the pod is exactly right for you! Naturally mine has two, one for each of my lil' sweet peas. Even though neither one is really so little anymore! (Happy 6th birthday, BJ!)

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek! What do you think?

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