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Monday, March 21, 2011


Walking BJ to school this morning, we saw all sorts of signs that spring has sprung. Jonquils nodding in the yards, some trees in bloom and more heavy with buds waiting to blossom, stormy skies.

For the record, since I don't think I've mentioned it and because I need to remember such things: I get such daily joy from walking my boy to school. He still wants to hold my hand most of the time, even in the rain, and I love having his little warm fingers wrapped in my own. As another season passes, and he grows ever bigger, who knows how much longer he'll want to walk, hand in hand? Cherish the now.

Here's another sign of the season: in two blocks, BJ and I counted half a dozen couches lining the street, accompanied by all sorts of miscellaneous junk. The seasonal spring cleaning in our city is accompanied by a one-day free junk pick up. Typically, it feels less like a junk day and more like one big city-wide rummage fest, illustrating the trash/treasure relationship to ownership (and price paid, or lack thereof, naturally). Lots of stuff ends up rescued from the dump, re-purposed and given new life. But today, with everything soaking wet, it was just depressing. So much evidence of what's wrong with our consumer culture, now thoroughly ruined.

It was hailing a few moments ago, and we've been getting lots and lots of rain -- so much that a leak has sprung in the kids' bedroom! Last night we discovered that their carpeting along the wall was soaked, so today the maintenance guy has been trying to figure out how to isolate the problem and fix it, all in the pouring rain.

Truth is, I'm feeling a little like I've sprung a leak myself recently. Between the State Of The World and the Time Of The Month, and some Other Stuff that I won't go into here, I suppose a tendency towards tears isn't surprising. But not much fun. I'm trying to keep things in perspective, to focus more on the importance of my son's hand in mine than on things I can't control or influence. And I'm waiting for those buds to blossom, waiting for the sun to shine again.


giki said...

Here's hoping that the 'rain' you are experiencing-really is just a spring rain that will bring some wonderful flowers your way. Sending hugs and love your way.

tierramor said...

You gotta give those buds a good long soak first. That's the only way they'll come out. Heart you.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

you guys are so sweet. thank you!