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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tattooed On My Forehead

It's been such fun to see BB's drawings evolve. No more googly-eyed people. Now we have nice, precise dots! (Actually, I kinda miss those googly eyes.) Hair is very important, as is the smile. Here's BB's most recent portrait of me:
"What's the star for?" I asked when she showed it to me. "Is it a hair pretty?"
"No!" I was told. "It's a tattoo on your forehead!"

Considering that I don't have any actual tattoos myself, I find this very intriguing. Maybe she knows that my love for her might as well be tattooed on my forehead. (Though in that case, perhaps it should have been a heart instead of a star. Ha!)

I love the side view, too. Looks like I'm flying -- Super Mom!

This one is staying on the fridge for a while.


giki said...

A poet and an artist. You are one lucky Mom! Love BB's drawing! Really dear. Certainly fridge worthy.

cath c said...