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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


S and I have been super busy lately, so today we made a lunch date to walk around campus and head to our favorite Thai restaurant. The wisteria is at its peak, heavy with blossoms, and it was lovely to enjoy the heady scent and gorgeous blooms.

The little courtyard by our apartment is also quite beautiful at the moment. All the trees are flowering -- BB thinks its a little magical place and loves to go sit in the benches under the trees.

I wish I could say that we are all blooming as well, but truth is that S and I are both more than a bit stressed, not getting enough sleep, not finding enough time to relax. BB has become extremely anxious about preschool and is having a lot of issues with separation anxiety generally. Frankly, BJ and the cat are about the only two members of the household who are doing really well -- Butchie continues to be delighted with the fact that her face is no longer in extreme pain, and BJ is still riding the post-birthday high. (BJ would likely comment at this point that in fact we have new members of the family who are also doing well: the Sea Monkeys he got for his birthday are flourishing. Not that he'll call them Sea Monkeys. For him, of course, they are brine shrimp. Because it's more scientific! And the fact of their presence is more evidence that BJ is doing Just Fine and Even Better.)

Now if we could just get the rest of us to a better place.... life just ain't a barrel full of monkeys at the moment. (Not even a barrel full of Sea Monkeys.) I know much of what I need to do is slow down, take time, do things like go for long walks . Mostly, just Not Worry So Damn Much . It was really good to get out in the sunshine today and stroll around, holding hands with my sweetie and noticing the riot of spring. Steps in the right direction, at any rate.


cath c said...

absolutely gorgeous blooms! we're losing the cherry and bradford pear blossoms at the moment, but the redbuds are still hanging in, and one of my two types of wisteria is about to bloom, while the other isn't even budding yet. this is an odd spring for here.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

ah, yes, wisteria. nothing like it. definitely fading now -- yours is probably coming into its prime!