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Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Things

Yesterday, S reported, BB decided that preschool is "not so bad." Why? Because, she has decided, it is a short thing, not a long thing. Because, she said, "I only have to do five things."

They are:
1. go inside
2. go outside to play
3. go inside to eat lunch
4. take a nap
5. go home

Apparently, framed like this, it's not a big deal. She then informed her father that she would no longer have any trouble at preschool, no crying or fussing.

And when I picked her up that afternoon, she had been true to her word! As the preschool teacher said, spelling it out to make less of a big deal I suppose: "She had a really G-O-O-D D-A-Y!"

If past experience is any indication, once BB decides she is OK with something, that's pretty much all it takes. (My mom will recall when BB announced, "Giki, I'm not going to have any trouble with you any more." And she didn't, though up until that point she had been rather shy of my mom for whatever reason.) I'm not making any bets yet, but I think this is a Very Good Sign.

(Fingers Crossed!)

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