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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lonely Bugs

Today while we were waiting for BJ to be done with his science class, BB and I took a long walk. It was really nice to enjoy the spring weather, and very relaxing to just wander along the sidewalk, in no sort of rush and without a destination. I used to do that sort of thing with BJ all the time in our old neighborhood. I should do it with BB more often.

Something about the weather or the location or the time of year was bringing out the roly poly bugs all over the place. After we'd noted a few, and then a few more, BB decided that it was her job to play Matchmaker to the Armadillidiidae -- every time she saw a pill bug by itself, she'd pick it up and carry it until she found another one. Turns out, once you start paying attention, roly polies are often solitary. And when she found another one by itself, she'd put the first one down next to it.

Sometimes it took only a few steps to find the next bug. A few times we had to walk nearly half a block, during which she'd occasionally drop the poor creature a few times (she let them crawl on her hands, those few who didn't just ball up in automatic defense posture). "Ohhh no!" she'd say. "Don't worry little lonely bug. I'll find you a friend!" And she'd scoop the wee thing back up, intent on finding its companion.

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