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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Money Princess

Lately, one of BB's favorite things to do is to find coins that have been dropped. We'll go to the grocery store, walk by the pizza parlor, or even just head out for a stroll, and she'll announce that she's looking for "coins and pennies" (because apparently there's a distinction in her mind). She's pretty good at finding them, too. (Reminds me of my grandpa, who had an uncanny knack for "finding" money that someone else had lost.)

Almost every time S or I leave the house without taking her along, she'll ask, "If you find any coins or pennies, can you give them to me?" And so we do. She's amassing her stash in her piggy bank and in the locking safe that her Grandpa D made for her, delighted with her treasure.

The other day, in the midst of a Serious Dress Up Session, BB came out and announced, "Look, Mom! I'm the Money Princess!" Wondering what that looks like? I took a pic, of course:
Note the ruby slippers coordinating with the red cape that Giki made. Of course The Money Princess can afford to be stylish!

1 comment:

cath c said...

she does look rich!