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Monday, April 25, 2011

One Year Later -- Same Family

Much of the wall space in the kids' playroom and bedroom is covered with their own art -- various drawings from the last 15 months since we moved to the apartment. A few days ago, BB fixated on an older drawing and decided she no longer liked it. She was going to make A New Picture to replace it!

Since it was one of my favorites -- her first drawing of her family -- I had taken the time before hanging it up to jot down the date. Drawn in May 2010. Of course I now squirrelled it away for posterity. Here's a scan:

From left to right, it's her dad (upper left grey scribble, hard to interpret but there are eyes and a smile in there if you know where to look). Then, BB herself (big oval with yellow hair and green "neck"), Pop-Pop (hard to see, a yellow oval in the middle), me (blue circle with brownish purple hair), Giki (purple circle below that, also with brown hair), and her brother BJ on the far right (blue circle, yellow hair and expression a little hard to see).

Here's the replacement that she drew a few days ago:

From left to right: me (all red, with a blue "shirt," my hair in "braids"), Butchie, Giki, BJ (note those are Definitely Pants he is wearing -- she was careful to give them a clear outline so we wouldn't think he was wearing a skirt), Pop-Pop, herself (all in yellow with a green shirt), and her dad.

With the addition of the cat, it's the same family! Fascinating to see how her drawing skills have developed in almost exactly a year.

I got to watch her draw it, and I love how she started off using yellow, her favorite color, to draw herself first. Then she drew BJ in multiple colors, then Giki, then Pop-Pop. By the time she was drawing myself, her dad, and the cat, she'd mostly dropped into monochrome and just used whatever marker she had at hand for everything.

Kids' art is such fun! And I find it deeply reassuring that she so consistently draws smiles on her people. Mostly, she's a really happy kid, I think. And she sees us all that way as well. A good thing.


cath c said...

i love it, too. she's really developing a neat style.

toots's people these days are giant head with googly eyes and two stick legs with a stick draw across for arms. it's so fun to watch them develop their style, and see how they originally drew still lingers in the character of their drawings.

tierramor said...

I love Butchie the table cat! Soo cute!