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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This past weekend, I took the kids to my dear friend M's birthday party. Alas, S was home sick (poor guy is feeling a bit better) so it was just the three of us. Between playing with clay, drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles, and bashing in a pinata, the kids and I had a great time. And I simply have to describe a conversation for the record:

BJ was talking with M's dad, who was clearly having fun with the fact that he was talking with A Smart Six-Year-Old. He asked BJ, "What is the smallest thing there is?" BJ thought about this for a moment, then his face lit up. "Subtomatic particles!" he said (meaning "sub-atomic). Then he was asked, "What is the smallest sub-atomic particle there is?"

BJ's reply, after a moment's consideration: "The ones we haven't discovered yet."

I just had to grin -- I surely didn't expect that kind of a thoughtful answer. (Nor, for that matter, did I know that he knew about quarks -- for when the conversation continued, and he was asked about what kind of sub-atomic particles we know about, quarks was his reply.)

This kind of reply is what I mean when I say that my kid doesn't just read all sorts of stuff, which is astonishing enough -- he actually understands a heckuva lot. He's an amazing random fact generator (and will generate for almost any audience) but there's comprehension too. Such joy to watch him revel in learning, such joy to watch him thinking. Proud mama, for sure.


tierramor said...

Sooo cute! What did he make of the mobius strip? I couldn't tell if he was intrigued or bored. It actually seems like Ben and my Dad are birds of a feather, in a way. Then when you guys left, Darcy was referring to him and he said "You know, the kid with the 250 IQ"...


Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

LOL -- yeah, he's a bright guy. like your dad! they did seem to get along well. i don't think Benji entirely understood the mobius strip. Not a whole lot of geometry under his belt yet -- give him time!