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Monday, May 23, 2011

In Sickness And In Health

It's been a bit of a rough stretch over here in the Mama's Magic household... leading up to our anniversary S was under the weather with horrible seasonal allergies that turned into a sinus infection. Last week, BB stayed home from preschool all week with a cold and cough. Even had to skip gym class!

Then on Thursday last week, after our date night (celebrating those years of marriage two days late isn't such a big deal when it's 14 years we're talking about!) S was sick as a dog with what we first thought was food poisoning (new restaurant for said date night) including a 103 fever on Friday. I've not seen him that sick in a looooong time.

S got well enough just in time for the family to go to Maker Faire yesterday (which was amazing and will merit its own post!) but then yesterday evening, BJ got sick, tossing his cookies several times. Slight fever today and feeling really yucky, no appetite to speak of. He obviously stayed home from kindergarten and it's likely he'll be home again tomorrow as well.

So it seems S had the flu and has passed it on to at least one of us. He's I am praying that BJ is better soon and it stops with him. So far, knock wood, BB and I seem fine.

During weeks like these last two one understands why they include "in sickness and in health" in those vows. Here's to returning to the "in health" part very soon!

1 comment:

giki said...

here's wishing all are on the mend.
and that you and bb have managed to 'escape' the latest bug.