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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maker Faire 2011

As I mentioned, last weekend I went to Maker Faire for the first time. I knew it was going to be amazing, but WOW! I had no idea what I was missing all these years!!!

It was one big conjunciton of creativity, craft, technology, and crazy inspiration. Robots! Legos! Steampunk! Kids on Stilts! Bazaar Bizarre! Cupcake Cars!

I was there to volunteer at the Etsy booth, where they had an interactive "Whack A Treasury" game, complete with sparkly vinyl golden hammer. Like I said, crazy inspiration!

I had a great time hanging out with the Etsy folks and talking it up about the SF Etsy team and I Heart Art: San Francisco, the new community initiative for which I'm on the leadership council.

Before I did my volunteer hours, we were able to check out the event as a family. S's favorite moment was introducing BB to John Kovaloc, the artist who (among other things) does the drawings for Munchkin. Since BB and S both love this game, S was thrilled to introduce his daughter to the artist. Maybe his youngest fan! John asked BB what cards she liked best in Munchkin, and she said, "The Glenda ones!" (Meaning the Fairy Dust cards.) And John he was kind enough to draw her a little fairy of her own.

How cool is that?

BB also really enjoyed the Klutz booth, where we made an entire bouquet of paper flowers while S and BJ were checking out the Chabot portable planetarium.

BJ thought it was super cool to get to "meet" the R2-D2 droids.

A few hours was definitely not enough to check out everything -- I now understand why people get weekend passes! And it was certainly a challenge to be there with the kids. Hard to go past Neat Thing after Neat Thing and not be able to give it full attention. BB especially was pretty intimidated by the huge crowds. But as the kids get older, it will get easier. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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