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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


BJ's science class continues to be a lot of fun for him. Recently, he was sent home with a painted lady chrysalis -- time to break out the butterfly home we got for Christmas!

The kids checked on the chrysalis several times a day, eager to see what it might do. When it finally came out in its full butterfly beauty, we noticed about 15 minutes or so after it had emerged.

The plan had been to release it the same day as it emerged, once we'd given it a chance for its wings to harden. But it was stormy and cold and very windy for the next several days, so we kept it in the butterfly home, feeding it sugar water and small slices of orange.

Finally, the weather turned and we were able to let it go.

The video I took was a little too long for Blogger's auto-upload, so I figured I'd try something new -- my first upload directly to You Tube! Here it is, us saying "bye-bye" to the butterfly:

Now, of course, both the kids are eager to see the process from the beginning, so it looks like soon we'll be ordering some caterpillars. Fun!

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