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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

What a lovely Mother's Day! I got to start things off by sleeping in (yay!) -- a rare treat, since I'm usually the one to get up with the kids. When I came out of the bedroom a little after 7:00, S and the kids were in the kitchen. BJ got one look at me, thrust both his arms out in a classic "Stop!" pose, and shrieked, "Sleeeeep!!!"

In other words, he wasn't quite ready for me to get up yet. Chuckling, I ducked back into the bedroom and read in bed until I was summoned. Here's what I needed to wait for:

BJ had read about the recipe in his My Big Backyard magazine and apparently announced to S that this was what he wanted to make me for breakfast on Mother's Day. Crescent roll dough shaped to form letters (WE and MOM) sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. And a strawberry half for a heart. So sweet! Definitely worth the wait.

So we ate breakfast, which I was just as glad not to eat in bed. (I have to say, I've never really understood the appeal of breakfast in bed.) Then we had a relaxing morning of opening gifts and hanging out. BJ had picked me out a new watch to replace the one that broke a while back. BB chose a pretty pair of silver earrings -- along with wrapping up several of her own "treasures" (shaped bits of sparkly confetti, polished rocks, and plastic bead necklaces). And S generously set me up for some pampering with a gift certificate for a massage. Am I a lucky mom or what?

As has become the Mother's Day tradition, I asked S to take a picture of me with the kids. (This post has the round up of pics from years past.) Unfortunately, BB had decided to have a hard time about the prospect of a picture -- or, more precisely, was upset about the idea of getting dressed. Little nudie would stay unclothed for most of the day if it were up to her. She had been crying right before we took the picture, so was trying extra hard to "smile," which you can certainly tell. Ah well, that's pictures with kids. BJ was all grins, though.

And when they both gave me a kiss for the camera, that was the sweetest pic of all!

Got to talk to my mom for a bit -- poor dear has broken her wrist and had to have surgery and everything. She's been in a lot of pain and not doing so well. I so wish I could be there to help a bit! I miss my folks so much. And special days like this even more. But we now have plans for me and the kids to go visit for two weeks this summer, so that definitely helps.

In the afternoon, after S took a nap (poor guy has been hammered with allergies lately and not feeling all that well) I took a little time for myself -- found some treasures at the thrift store (two skirts and a magazine rack) and then we watched our Sunday family movie. Castle in the Sky this week, which was definitely a hit. To finish off the day, S cooked dinner (steak, baked sweet potatoes, spinach salad, cantaloupe slices, and mac and cheese). Then I got in some sweet cuddle time with BJ after dinner, sang lullabies to the kids, and sat down with a red wine spritzer to blog about the wonderful day. Just an all-around nice, relaxing family day. Couldn't ask for better!


cath c said...

great pictures and sweet kids!

i love mother's day breakfast in bed. this year it was missed because we had another overfull weekend and i awoke before but mr. 6am, who had no idea it was mother's day. but strawberry picking and other things were great, and honey and oldest made breakfast for dinner for grandma and me.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

thanks, Cathy! Your day sounds pretty magical to me -- i have such great memories of strawberry picking with my mom. We'd come home and make enormous amounts of strawberry jam. YUM! Glad you had a happy Mother's day too!