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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Crafty Birthday Party! You're Invited!

One more reason for me to love Etsy: this year Etsy's international Craft Party will be happening on My Birthday!

That's right -- Crafts, Community, Creativity, and COOKIES! It's like they put together a party Just For ME!

Thanks, Etsy!

OK, so full disclosure and all -- I'm a co-planner for our local iteration of this international event, so I've had a hand in making sure it's appropriately awesome to be held on my birthday. We're gonna have craft workshops. We're gonna make cool stuff. We're gonna have a bake sale to help out a local crafter in need (Kelly Malone of Workshop SF and IndieMart, who is battling cancer). We're going to kick off the I Heart Art: San Francisco initiative, and we're going to do it in STYLE!

So, one week from today I'll be putting the finishing touches on my bake sale goodies and getting ready to go kick up my heels with the Bay Area's finest creative folks. I'm spending my birthday by hanging out at TechShop and taking part in a heckuva crafty celebration. I can't wait!

The Craft Party is free and open to the public, so all local folks are invited! Just RSVP here. More info here at the I Heart Art: San Francisco blog.

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