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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Q is for Quill

Who needs a ball point pen when you've got a pigeon feather and an ink pad?

To my knowledge, BB has never seen a quill or known that feathers used to be used for writing. She took it upon herself to combine one of her little stamp pads with the feather she found...

"Mom, I drew you a butterfly!"

Here's a close-up:

Actually, she'd drawn the butterfly in pencil first, then traced over it with ink. Purple, because she knows that's my favorite color!

Clever girl! She's becoming quite the artist. Love it!


cath c said...

you always try out such neat things with your kids. i need to take a page from your book! i loved quills when i was a kid.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

thanks, Cathy! The funny thing was that it was entirely her idea! I'm still wondering if she might have seen a quill in a book somewhere or if she had tapped into some collective unconsciousness to get the notion. whatever, she sure had fun with it!