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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Crafting, Here We Come!

This week is the start of Summer Vacation! And trust me, even though he loved kindergarten, BJ is excited enough about the break to merit capital letters. BB has picked up on his enthusiasm, too. She will continue with preschool throughout the summer, but since she only goes two days a week she'll be mostly on vacation as well.

In mom terms, this means -- Ready, Set, GO!

Look out, Kids! Mama's Got a Glue Gun, and She Means Business!

And we are off to a good beginning. With only a wee bit of suggestion from me, both kids decided they wanted to start some crafty projects. Now that's something I can run with!

BJ wanted to make "an ocean toy." Recently, he's been all about the zones of the ocean, types of fish, and various habitats. (Much of this is due to the computer game My Ocean Sim, where he has to take care of various fish in various habitats so that they produce offspring. And when the fish mate, believe you me, it is a Very Big Deal.) I knew this would be an elaborate project, so after some discussion we agreed to make a felt fish set for each of these habitats: Coral Reef, Sunken Ship, Deep Sea, and Hot Vent. Complete with googly eyes, of course.

After some discussion, BB decided she wanted to learn how to sew. The sweet dear wants so much to Be Like Mama. In the past month or so, she's made about a dozen "pillows" from paper and tape, trying to mimic my own projects. Time to give her more appropriate tools, I think!

So off to Michael's we went. Kids picked out a bunch of felt, and we got some blunt tip needles and crochet cotton thread for sewing. I also picked up a low temperature glue gun -- it's silly that our crafty household didn't have one of these before!

BJ had a great time tracing out the various fish that he needed. Of course he had to consult models to be sure it was accurate. Here he is making sure that the clownfish looks right.

After he traced them, I helped with the cutting. Then we worked together to put on the googly eyes with the glue gun. Fun!

I'd apply the glue, then he'd put on the googly eye. Here we are giving eyes to a swordfish. I especially like how his ocean sunfish turned out (the big grey guy on the countertop).

BB has been thrilled with the idea of learning how to sew For Real. And I've been very impressed by how quickly she is picking up the skills! She started out making herself a yellow felt pillow.
We started off with a blunt plastic needle and a folded piece of felt. I threaded the needle for her, knotted it and put in the first stitch, then gave her a few "pilot holes" with a tapestry needle so she'd know where to sew along the edge.
"Like this, Mommy?"
After she'd sewed both the sides, we flipped it inside out, stuffed it, then sewed up the remaining side. She did great, and she was so proud with the finished result!

Of course she had to test it out:

So comfy!And a little seamstress is born!


tierramor said...

Soooo darn cute! Both kids, but especially BB, have your "I'm concentrating" scowl. Hope to hang out soon!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

she totally does, miri! you're right! hope to see you soon, too!