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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Happy Summer Solstice! We celebrated the start of summer by turning on the air conditioner. BB was at preschool today, so BJ and I spent the morning bringing some order to the chaos that had slouched its way through the household. I can now see the surface of the computer desk! And, perhaps more impressively, I can see the surface of the art table in the kids' playroom!

BJ was a big help, surprisingly, once I got him into the spirit of things. When it was time to go pick up BB, he actually protested the idea: "I'm having fun! I don't want to stop organizing!"

When we walked over to get BB, you could really tell that summer was here. Happily, the promise of a popsicle upon our return kept everybody happy in the heat. All told, it was quite a satisfactory day. Hope yours was too!

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