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Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a Week!

It's been a really busy week! I celebrated my birthday -- angel food cake and an iPad, what more could a girl ask for?

On the evening of my birthday, Craft Party was a big success!

Planning Committee Extraordinaire --Tammy, Steph, and me!

Some of the more than 280 people who came out to make stuff and help launch I Heart Art: SF!

Then we went on our family camping trip to Big Basin -- so relaxing to hang out in the shade of those glorious redwoods! Plus there was a downed-tree highway right outside our cabin, which kept the kids entertained.

Our camping neighbors were a sweet family with a boy BJ's age, a girl BB's age, and another girl right between them. (And we thought our family planning was full!) The five kids ran around in the woods together, having a great time. We also hung out in the evenings together, roasting marshmallows. Tried s'mores, again, and decided, again, that we all prefer the ingredients separately. (Guess we're all purists.)
I discovered a new camping delicacy: roasted slices of angel food cake! (Hooray for birthday cake leftovers!) Looks like a big toasted marshmallow and kind of tastes like one as well, though the inside doesn't get all gooey. The toasted edges get all crisped with crystallized sugars, and it's simply delicious.

No trip to the redwoods is complete without a hike.

We ended up hiking to a nearby creek, and the kids did a little wading. Fun!

While wading, BJ had a dragonfly (or damselfly) land on his hand -- you can imagine how delighted he was.

BB loved being near the big trees.

And of course we visited the Boardwalk! Here is S and BJ on the the ferris wheel.

BB now loves the carousel (though you wouldn't know it from her expression).
Speedway was especially popular with the kids. Gotta put your arms up!

S and BJ on the Starfish -- round and round they go!
BB still loves Bulgy the Whale. Here she is with her new friend Dolphin:

And of course we had to visit the Pacific as well.
A boy after my own heart -- reading by the campfire:

Not a great group shot this year, alas, but here we are in front of the tent cabin, #17:

Now we're back and returning to the usual routine. It will be good to be home for a bit!


cath c said...

looks wonderful! i think i have to try roasting angel food cake!

we're going camping twice this summer, first just mom, daddy and girl after we drop the boys off to visit their dad, and then with all three later in the summer, to explore the caverns and natural bridge up in the shenandoah region.

this will be my first time in ages, esp with a tent, and never before with the kids!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

the camping plans sound great, cathy! i love the shenandoahs, though it's been quite some time since i was there. hope the tent camping goes well! we've not gotten that brave yet :-)

tierramor said...

Wish we could have come! Toasted angelfood cake - NOMMMMM! Brilliant!