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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Fireworks

This year for the Fourth of July, the kids saw their first fireworks. We'd arrived in Delaware the day before, so the kids were already off-schedule for bedtimes -- what better time to keep them up late for a little whiz-boom-bang fun?

The display was taking place over at the UD Field House (where S and I graduated from college all those years ago). We wandered around the Liberty Days festival for a little while (ultimately disappointing, alas; a few random booths and a live band but nothing too exciting) and then hung out waiting for dark when the fireworks would begin.

While hanging out with two small kids for more than an hour, bubbles and small talk only goes so far. Impromptu singing and dancing (mostly by BB) helped pass the time for a while. I'm not quite sure what song she's singing here, but she was putting on quite a performance.

To pass the time, I was eventually reduced to letting them use my skull as a launching pad for the little yellow "rockets" they'd acquired as freebies from one of the festival booths. (They launched off pretty well, actually. And the kids were certainly entertained.) Thus adding yet another item to my "Things I Never Anticipated Doing As A Mother" list.

Finally -- FINALLY -- the show began. And it was worth the wait!

About halfway through, BJ exclaimed, "What a Spectacular Display!!!"

And about five seconds later, he reverently announced, "God Bless America!"

BB was a little unsure about it all, mostly due to the considerable noise, but in the end she decided it was beautiful. Afterwards, we were all pretty tired but glad we'd hung around.

Thanks to my dad for taking the pics!

1 comment:

tierramor said...

"What a spectacular display!" I love that kid.