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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tooth Fairy!

The day before we left my folks' to return home, BJ lost his first tooth! It was one of the lower front ones, and I didn't even know that it had been loose. He was sitting on the couch watching a video while I did some packing, and he suddenly announced, "I lost a tooth! I lost a tooth!"

He's been waiting for this for months, eagerly listening while his classmates lisped their accounts of visits from the tooth fairy. Luckily, my mom was on hand with appropriate fabric to help me whip up a quick pillow with a tooth pocket.

I'd asked BJ what he thought would happen when the tooth fairy visited. His first answer: "She'd leave more money for kids who are really good." Hmmm. Maybe not, I replied. His second: "She leaves more for kids who really know a lot."

Nice try, eh?

His third answer: "She leaves three dollars!"

And indeed when the tooth fairy visited, she left $3.50 in various coins (including a dollar coin, a Kennedy half dollar coin, and a Yosemite quarter) and some foreign coins (because the tooth fairy goes all over the world): a coin from Japan and one from the Bahamas.

BB wanted in on the action too, and she was very concerned about whether or not the tooth fairy would leave her anything. It turns out she got a lipstick kiss from the tooth fairy! It was left on the sleeve of her pajamas and she was thoroughly delighted. Gotta love the magic ;-)

1 comment:

Angela said...

So sweet! I love the coins from around the world and lipstick kiss too:) BJ's a big kid now!