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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beach Day!

All summer the kids had been asking for a day at the beach, and today we finally fit one in. We'd spent some time at the lake beach in New Jersey when visiting my sister's family, and we'd done an afternoon at the beach with Nana, so it wasn't our very first summer day at the beach -- but what the kids meant by a beach day was time at one of our local beaches. So to Capitola we went!
It was a bit chilly and grey -- typical "over the hill" summer weather -- but we had a nice time of it. BJ was very excited to try out his aquascope for the first time.

Unfortunately, as we'd predicted, it couldn't see much in the churned up water of the surf, but he gave it a good go. We'll need to bring it along when we next head to the tide pools.

BB had fun drawing letters in the sand -- here's "A."

BB and I took a nice long walk and found lots of bits of mussel shells, much to her delight. While we were beach combing, BJ and S started a cool sand castle. BB was happy to help finish it.

We really don't get over there often enough. I think it's because going to the beach was always a big deal when I was growing up -- a two hour drive to get there, with all that entails. And I've been hesitant about hauling the kids over that way, given how beach visits have tended to go in the past. But this one went pretty well. And especially considering how close we are to the shore (though they don't call it "the shore" here -- there's another East Coast remnant) we really should go more frequently. Something to try for!

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