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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BJ's Whale Adoption Fund

BJ has decided he wants to adopt a whale. Not just any whale, mind you -- a right whale.

He announced this two weeks ago. We discussed it and decided that S and I would donate a dollar each week (on top of his $1 allowance) towards his Whale Adoption Fund. Now, on his responsibility chart which tracks his allowance, he is keeping a tally. Having put in much of the coins in his piggy bank as well as a ten dollar bill that he had been saving, he now has $24.67. Not bad for two weeks!

Today after school, while he and BB snacked on the traditional Wednesday popsicles, BJ was telling our friend M about his whale adoption plans. M dug into his jeans pocket and presented BJ with two quarters. "Put this in your fund!" he said.

BJ was delighted, of course, and as we left school he clearly saw every adult he knew as a potential donor. Another parent at the school, S, heard that M gave BJ fifty cents. S gave him a dollar. (And then told BJ he should go back to M and say that she gave him a whole dollar -- see if he'd up the ante! S and M are friends, as you might have guessed. Yes, I did not allow BJ to put the squeeze on M for more coins.)

Uncharacteristically, we agreed to this whole Whale Adoption Fund before actually researching what would be involved. Happily, there is a reputable Right Whale Sponsorship program through the New England Aquarium. BJ and I were exploring their website today. Turns out you can sponsor (adopt) a whale for as little as $45!

BJ is aiming for the $75 level or above, and has talked about asking for Christmas money towards the project. Will be interesting to see how persistent he is about this and if he meets his goal before December. He has also decided he wants to sponsor a male whale, which would be either Starry Night, Shackleton, Snowball, or Calvin.
Starry Night the whale -- pic from the New England Aquarium Whale Sponsorship Program

Will keep you posted!

1 comment:

tierramor said...

What a little dearheart - count me in!!