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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mixed Bag

Today was an up-and-down kind of day, definitely a mixed bag. I woke up grumpy after a restless night. BJ was far from his usual cheery self this morning as well, mostly because we had to wake him up. (A Very Unusual Event.) He kept complaining that he wanted to go back to bed and get more sleep -- and given how things turned out today, maybe that would have been a good idea!

I stayed for Open Sing, hoping that would help turn my mood around. And thankfully it did help improve my frame of mind. When I got home, BB asked if we could go swimming, and even though I really didn't want to, I agreed. (Really, what I wanted to do was go back to bed....)

So we went to the campus pool. It was chilly, I didn't want to get my hair wet, and especially given the typical poolside population of bikini-clad undergraduates I felt less than attractive in my Mommy Swimsuit Attire, which these days consists of men's swim trunks worn over a women's tank suit. (This is what happens when you ask Mommy to go swimming and she hasn't had the time and/or inclination to spend an extra ten minutes in the shower getting friendly with her razor.) A practical solution -- but not the most stylish. (And my women's studies training allows me to rationalize it all in terms of A Feminist Stand Against Gendered Expectations, but that only gets ya so far sometimes. Especially since I still shave regularly below the knee.)

In spite of all that, I'm glad we went, mostly because BB is finally making significant progress in feeling more comforable in the water. We've gone swimming as a family a few times now in recent weeks, and each time she's getting more daring and more competent. Today, she was dunking her own head underwater without any hesitation, and using the kickboard she made it across the length of the pool three times without any help from me (though I was there alongside her the entire time, Just In Case). She was pretty danged proud, and it was very sweet to see.

We got home to the apartment to discover a note from S that he'd had an unexpected wrinkle in the day: a call from the school, asking him to come pick up BJ. The poor kid had done another running face-plant on the asphalt, echoes of last year's concussion. Abrasions on his elbow, a lump above his eye, and complaints that he felt like throwing up. The nurse thought he was probably OK but he should be seen by a doctor, just to be sure. Happily, Kaiser was able to get us in for an appointment, and even more happily, the pediatrician said he seems fine.


So BJ spent the rest of the day at home, which was certainly not in the original plan for the day. Thankfully, he continued to be fine. We'd planned for an afternoon playdate with our old mommy group friends, A and her kids E and T, and BJ said he felt up for it, so I didn't cancel. Considering it had been about a year and a half since we last saw these friends, I was especially glad that we didn't have to cancel!

It was a fun playdate -- ice cream and stomp rockets, what's not to like? -- and very nice to catch up a bit with A. I hope it won't be so long again before we get the pleasure of their company.

And I hope tomorrow isn't as much of a mixed bag! BB is home from preschool, since the teachers have a staff development day, and if all goes well the girl and I will get some more fun one-on-one time. She really seems to be benefitting from it, thank goodness.

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