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Monday, August 29, 2011

Nose Spray

So far, the most challenging part of back to school has been the power struggles on the afternoons when BB and I need to pick up BJ. It didn't seem to matter how well the morning had been going -- when it came time for pick up, BB would turn whiny and stubborn.

"It's too hot!" she'd complain. "I'm too tired!" Or, "I'll get all sweaty!"

You get the idea. Granted, it has been a little warm, but this is one of those situations that just didn't have a lot of room for negotiation. Walking to pick up brother from school simply had to happen.

After several stressful walks -- including the one that still makes me shudder, when BB ran away from me all the way down the block -- I'm happy to say that we seem to have found a solution:

Nose spray.

That's BB's name for it, anyway. It's a small plastic spray bottle filled with water. I gave it to her a while back, when I got fed up with her nasty habit of licking her index finger and rubbing spit on her nose and upper lip. (Ewwww!)

Why was she coating her nose and parafiltrum with saliva?

"My nose is hot" was her answer. (Duh, mom.)

And believe me, her nose seems to get hot a lot.

So in an effort to keep bodily fluids where they belong, I gave her the spray bottle filled with water and told her she could spray that on her face whenever she was feeling hot. She immediately labeled it her "nose spray" and while she still does the finger/spit/nose thing sometimes, she's pretty enchanted with the little plastic bottle and its contents.

It was actually her idea to bring the "nose spray" along on one of the walks to pick up BJ, and while I was tempted at first to say no (one more thing to keep track of) I figured hey, if that's what it takes to keep her happy and cooled off, then it's a pretty simple solution. So far (for the last three pick-ups, at least) it is working really well. She sprays herself the whole way there and back -- often needing a refill at the water fountain before heading back home -- and she's discovered it doesn't always have to go on her nose. Neck is good too.

Especially back of the neck. And so we end up with a damp shirt and drippy face in the process. But hey, choose your battles. I'd rather have a slightly damp child that than a fussy kid any day!

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