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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Open Sing, Playdates, King Coelocanths, And Floating Hearts

It's been a busy week! BJ's first week in first grade continues to go really well. I went to open sing with him yesterday morning, and it was amazing to see How Grown Up the first graders were. Last year, whenever I went to open sing, BJ insisted that I sit right by him (often with him in my lap). This was the typical MO with most of the kindergarten kids and in spite of it resulting in many a leg full of pins and needles, I loved it.

This time, he told me, "You can sit in one of the chairs, Mom. I'm a first grader now." Bittersweet! But still fun to sing along and to watch the kids. At one point when they started to sing the goodbye song, BJ's neighbor J threw his arms around the shoulders of the kids on either side and started swaying. BJ wasn't quite sure what to do at first, but then he caught on, hooked his arm around his neighbor, and swayed back and forth. I then realized most of the kids in the upper grades were doing this -- apparently J had been paying attention!

BB and I spent the rest of Wednesday morning at the park with our friends. She was a little anxious about the playdate at first, but soon she and C were having a great time. They climbed all over and played a lot of frisbee. (Which mostly involved one kid throwing it and the other yelling, "I'll get it!" while running towards where it had landed on the ground.)

Two sweet girls! (And their hats practically match, not that we planned it that way!)

As always, I really enjoyed hanging out with C's mom, A and little O. We had a picnic lunch and basked in a gorgeous morning. And just when I was thinking the morning couldn't get much better, it turned out that we got the surprise of running into BB's "best preschool friend" M when they arrived at the park!

I'd been meaning to talk with M's mom for a while about setting up a playdate, and this gave me the perfect opportunity. We happened to run into them just as our playdate with C was coming to a close. I'd said it was time to leave, but happily the schedule had enough wiggle room for us to hang around for another 20 minutes or so to give M and BB some time to play together. While she's made a lot of progress, BB is still having some anxiety about preschool (in fact, Tuesday's drop off was pretty difficult) and I'm hoping that nurturing the friendship with M will help. I think the park play time has helped already, since she had no nervousness at all about going to school today. So that counts for something!

Other news from the week: we may be coming to the end of BJ's long-running obsessive playing of "My Ocean Sim" (a computer simulation game, in which you breed and feed various fish). He finally got the last fish in the game to mate, the King Coelocanths. And boy was he happy about that!

The kid just about burst with excitement! (Not surprising: he's been so into this that he tells almost everybody and anybody about his progress with the game, which he's been playing for months, so the build up was pretty intense.) See the red heart on the computer screen? That's where the fish are mating; the computer game always illustrates the moment with a floating red heart in which you'll find a baby fish. So much for biological accuracy.

That floating heart explains the following conversation: today when we were walking home from school, we saw two butterflies flitting about, one on top of the other. "I think they're mating," said BJ. I said he was probably right. "If we hang around long enough watching them, will there be a red heart?" Yes, there are still some details about the birds and the bees (and the butterflies and the fish) that he has yet to work out.... for now, I'm just answering the questions as he asks them!

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