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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ready for First Grade!

So hard to believe that on Monday BJ will start first grade. Parents spent the morning in the classrooms for the family work day, and I really enjoyed working alongside the other moms and dads, helping to get things ready for the start of school. BJ is more than ready. He's excited about his new teacher, delighted by his new backpack (which has pictures of the planets) and just generally enthusiastic about heading back to school.

This evening we went to the annual back-to-school BBQ, and everybody had a nice time reconnecting with friends and acquaintances. It's such a nice community -- we feel so lucky to be part of it. And as we were leaving the BBQ, BJ did something amazing. (For him, at least!)

The big news: BJ (finally!) made it all the way across the monkey bars!

He's been working on this for a looooooong time. Almost every other one of his other kindergarten friends had come to school able to do them or mastered the skill during the school year. He knew he was in the minority in not being able to do them, but when he'd make the attempt he'd get frustrated and not really want to try. He didn't like it that other kids would see him not being able to do it. So (with a wee bit of encouragement from S) he decided he was going to work on it over the summer when none of his friends would be around. For the past three months, he worked on it now and then, at the school playground and at other park playgrounds.

Thinking a little incentive might help, S had told him that when he could make it All The Way Across (all 7 bars) we would celebrate with a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. And tonight, BJ was determined to do it. And he did!

The best part: he didn't just do it once and then leave. He was so proud and excited he wanted to do it over and over. "I can do this!" he announced. And he could! He made it all the way across four times.

So sweet to see. (I wish I'd had the camera!) He ran over and told his kindergarten teacher, who fully appreciated the magnitude of the accomplishment. And then started announcing his achievement to anybody and everybody who walked by. Pretty proud kid.

And as one of the other families said, when he informed them "I can do the monkey bars!" -- just in time! Guess he really is ready for first grade now!


giki said...

Thinking about our boy an extra amount today. Hope he has a great 1st day.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

thanks, Mom! he had a WONDERFUL day!!! yay for our side!