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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trip to Nana's

We are back home after our last trip of the summer, having spent a long weekend at Nana's new place in southern CA. It turns out that her move to the other side of Los Angeles added a significant amount of travel time -- it took us 9 hours to get there on the way down (thanks to L.A. rush hour traffic) and a little more than 8 hours to get back home. Whew.

But once we got there, we had a nice visit with Nana. We walked around the lovely grounds surrounding her new apartment, climbed a tree that they think is more than 400 years old, collected nature treasures, played with her dogs, and also got the unexpected pleasure of hanging out with S's Aunt S and Uncle J whom it turned out were visiting Nana as well.

Of course any visit to Nana's will have a lot of outings. We visited the Santa Ana zoo, which was a neat time -- the kids particularly liked the camel ride.

We went to the Rainforest Cafe for the first time with the kids, which was fascinating for them but ridiculously and even (for the kids, especially BB) frighteningly loud.

But the best outing of all, especially for the kids, was the day we spent at Disneyland. It was BB's first time at the park (S and BJ went together last year) and I hadn't been to Disney in quite some time. For BJ, the highlight was riding Space Mountain (the kid is definitely a roller coaster enthusiast) and riding the Rocket Ships.
For BB, it was all about visiting the princesses. We had to stand in two separate lines, and were in line for more than two hours total, but she got to "meet" four princesses: Ariel


and Rapunzel (with her Prince Flynn, too, as BB pointed out). Rapunzel even let BB hold her hair!
Giving the princesses hugs was a Very Big Deal for BB.

BB even gave a hug to Flynn.
And all day long, BB had seen other little girls at the park with a long Rapunzel wig, so when we visited Rapunzel she got up her nerve to ask if they knew where those girls had gotten hair like that. "The Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo Boutique," we were told. And boy, was BB thrilled to learn that the wig was under the $25 limit we'd set for what the kids could spend!

She loves this wig more than I can possibly explain and wore it for the rest of the day.

BJ also rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and we all did the Jungle Cruise. Dumbo and A Small World were popular, and BB did the teacups. But BB was really hesitant to do anything that had any possibility of getting scared (poor thing was really startled by the Jaguar when we climbed up into Tarzan's treehouse and went into hysterics) but BJ was up for almost anything (except the Haunted House).

Unfortunately, I ended up with my second-ever migraine when we got back to Nana's after our day at Disneyland. I was miserable for most of the night and the 8 + hour drive the next day was no fun since all I really wanted to do was lie down somewhere dark and quiet and be still. Thank goodness S was able to drive the whole way. It's good to be home again, and while we had some fun adventures after all our July travels I'm glad that we don't have any more trips on the calendar for a while!


tierramor said...

OMG that wig is so cute and hilarious. So sorry to hear you had a migraine my dear, and I hope sleep issues normalize soon. We talked about Calcium today, Cal-Mag, which gives you a more balanced calcium, is recommended by some to normalize sleep as well. I hope you feel better soon, and it was SO nice to get to see you all!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

indeed it was so great to get in our Miri Time! good tip on the supplements, I'll definitely look into that. come see the wig in person soon -- even more cute and hilarious!!!