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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Best Kind of Busy

We've had a very full week in the Mama's Magic household, full of the best kind of busy. My parents were here for a visit (they left early this morning) the campus was coming back to life, with the students moving in last weekend, and S was getting ready to return to the classroom after his year's sabbatical. Whew!

Some highlights from the week:

BJ's second annual walk-a-thon at school. Mom and I hung around for the first lap.

Then he started running laps when it was time for us to go!

By the end, he'd done 50 laps! I've been told that each lap was 2/10ths of a mile. Is it possible he really walked 10 miles??? Wow!

BB's gym class

The farmer's market!

Drawing with Giki (who was patient enough to make a pencil sketch of every dinosaur in BJ's "I can Draw Dinosaurs" book, so that he could color them in. Such a good Giki!)

Projects and Playing with Pop-Pop (BJ and Pop-Pop had great fun with a polymer chemistry kit and a soda can robot kit!)

Projects and Playing with Giki (They pulled out the fabric doll set that Giki made for BB a while back and had fun with that -- and BB still loves her sewing, especially loves working on it with Giki! Of course she also still loves to spend as much time in as few clothes as possible, so most of the pics of them together aren't appropriate to post! That's my girl.)

And of course ice cream at our favorite local place!

It was a really nice visit -- never long enough, of course, but we're always grateful for the time we get. Thanks for coming to see us, Mom and Dad! We miss you already!


tierramor said...

Love the middle pic of BJ and your Dad - so similar! And I love how you, BB, and your Mom share the "I am so enjoying my serious interesting concentration that I look like I am scowling" face!

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

you're totally right, Miri! that pic is a classic and definitely a familiar expression. as my mom would say, "Crows Don't Raise Canaries."

giki said...

Having fun can be hard work for some of us crows. Can I say that I wish this was one thing that had perhaps now be handed down. I was having a grand time...would be hard to know at times from the set of my face.