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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BJ's Whale Adoption Fundraiser

This past weekend, BJ did the classic kid fundraiser -- a lemonade stand!
He was raising money for his whale adoption fund and decided to do it during move-in weekend. Talk about perfect timing! On Saturday, he set up his stand in the building that houses S's community. On Sunday, he set up in our building. Each day for a few hours he ran the stand (with S's help and support from the rest of us). I think it was a really good experience for him.

He was talking about the lemonade stand all week leading up to it, very excited by the prospect. We figured he should decide which whale to adopt before having the fundraiser, so he settled on Shackleton.

Here's what the aquarium says about Shackleton: "Named after the intrepid Antarctic explorer, Shackleton the whale caused quite a commotion when he ventured up the Delaware River to Camden, NJ. During this adventure he was struck by a tug boat, but he survived his ordeal and is now seen regularly on the Bay of Fundy feeding grounds."

(Picture from the New England Aquarium whale sponsorship website.)

Setting the prices for the stand was an interesting conversation. He'd decided he wanted to sell cups of lemonade, cookies, and pictures. Lemonade for $5 a cup? Maybe not. He settled on 50 cents for lemonade, 25 cents for a cookie, and 10 cents for a picture. Once he settled on the prices, he made a poster to advertise his entrepreneurial project. Of course it included "Whale Fun Facts" all written by him (S helped with the typing).

He drew 10 ocean-themed pictures -- and sold them all! Here he is selling a picture to his first customer, a very kind young man who is on S's student staff.

I made 100 cookies, sold maybe half of that. (Good thing they were yummy.) A jug of lemonade for each day was more than sufficient. So he didn't really sell so much as he had very generous customers!

He learned a lot, including some good practice with math skills (I'm still impressed by how accurately he was counting up what people owed him and figuring out how much change -- though admittedly, most folks didn't ask for any change). He also got good practice talking with people -- look them in the eye, get your fingers out of your mouth, say please and thank you. That sort of thing. And he got good practice with what not to do.... alas, he's at the typical 6-year-old let's-learn-how-to-burp-on-command stage. Which led to his least polite moment, when he was asked about his stand and what he was selling. His reply, totally unself-conscious: "Lemo-buuuurrp-nade!"

So he's still got some PR to work on, that's clear. And towards the end of his second day at the lemonade stand, he was getting pretty squirrelley. But all told, he did quite well.

After both days, of course he totaled up the bills and coins to see what he'd made.

He raised a total of $33.45, not too shabby for a 6 year old! Add that to the money he's earned for allowance and saved towards his goal and he's currently at $61.99. It will be very interesting to see if he decides to opt for the $45 adoption level (the lowest one), the next one up at $75, or if he hangs in there for something still more expensive. He's saying he wants to collect $250 for the top level sponsorship for his chosen whale. We'll see!


tierramor said...

That is a very respectable amount! Good for him. Please count Tia Miri in for $10.

Angela said...

I just...can't even tell you how much I love that kid and his whale fund. It's too cute and sweet and funny and HIM.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

That's so generoust of you, Tia Miri! I told him and he was THRILLED -- "Mom! That means I have almost SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!" Very kind of you to support your UGK!

Angela, it totally is *him* isn't it? Thanks for the sweet comment.