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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good Times

BB seems to have (finally!) decided that preschool can be a Good Time. She is more relaxed about going, talks more about the fun that she has while she's there, and (I think most importantly) has recognized that she has made many friends with her classmates. This Is Huge.

Today, BB and I met up at a local park with M and his younger brother C and mom V, and the kids played together just beautifully. (I enjoyed chatting with V as well, which is certainly a welcome bonus!) We were at the park for two and a half hours with hardly a moment's fuss. The kids dug in the sand, climbed on the structures, and ran around having fun. Both M and C go to BB's preschool -- M is in her class and she's known him for more than a year now, and C is in the class behind them. It was such a good time, such a good thing to see BB so comfortable with the boys.

Fingers crossed that the good times continue for her. It would really ease my heart to see her get past her anxieties about preschool. It's all well and good to have her so securely attached, and of course I wouldn't have that any other way, but it is a wonderful thing (if a bit bittersweet) to see her gaining a little independence.

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