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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Sneak Peek

More than a month to go, and the kids have settled on their Halloween costumes. BJ's going to be an astronaut (getting good mileage out of the space suit and accessories that he asked for last Christmas) -- and I have plenty of time to fix the Made in China error of the COMMANDER badge that was sewn on upside-down. (Nevermind the fact that I've had since December to fix it...)

He's pretty thrilled with the costume, as you might imagine!

BB is right on trend in wanting to be Rapunzel. I was very happy that when given the choice, she decided not to get the Disney (poorly made) licensced Tangled dress. Instead, she chose a pretty lavender "Renaissance Princess" gown. Add in the hair she got at Disneyland and a purple pair of shoes, and she's all set! One of these days, my garment making chops will be up to the challenge of making such a costume -- hopefully sooner rather than later (want to do it for my own kids, not for grandkids someday!) but this year I was just fine with purchasing what needed to be bought to make it happen, doing a little repair for BJ and running up a hem for BB (her dress is a wee bit too long). Good Enough is the motto for this year.

BB is also lobbying heavily for me to dress up as Princess Leia... Star Wars is VERY popular at our house right now, so this isn't surprising I suppose. We'll see!

1 comment:

joeyandaleethea said...

Your kids look so great!! Wow they sure have grown! Both of mine are at that same stage. I had high hopes of sewing their costumes too this year, but by Sept I knew that was not going to happen. Their clothing? Yep, still making that. But costumes too? Whoa...back to reality, back to unpacking, and exploring our new home and neighborhood, spending time with extended family, and filling my kids' days with love and attention, not sewing at every free moment. Life is good! Simple life...even better. :)