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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pee-wee Palentology

Recently, BJ (and BB) pulled out the dino-dig kit he'd received as a gift. (Christmas or birthday, I can't recall -- he's actually got quite a stash of science-themed kits that we've been working our way through.)

Complete with safety goggles, his brick-o-plaster with encased T-Rex "bones" was quite a hit!

We've now done a few of these sorts of things. This time we were working with the Smithsonian Dinosaur Dig kit, and it has been by far the best one we've done. The plaster brick was much more easily broken up than other kits we've done, and the wooden hammer and chisel were also much less flimsy.

I was pleased that BJ was willing to share the experience with BB (including finding her a spare set of safety goggles from his DIY Volcano kit).

Once he'd pulverized the plaster to powder (definitely messy, definitely something to do outside) he had very little trouble putting together the skeleton. The tail wouldn't stay on, so we needed some glue to help with that, but all told he was very happy with the result!

And maybe it's the safety goggles (or the fact that he needs a haircut) but my goodness he looks SO much older to me in these pictures! Not so much of a pee-wee, anymore!

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