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Monday, September 12, 2011


Goodness but things have been busy around here. My folks come into town tomorrow for a week's visit, so I've been occupied with the usual prep for that (mainly getting the play room into some state of order so that it can pull its double duty as guest quarters without too much embarassment). I've also been playing catch-up and fix-up with lots of stuff, which has meant little to no blogging going on in the evenings:

  • bringing some order to The Paper Piles (still had stuff from kindergarten in there!)

  • organizing the pantry (pantry storage, or lack thereof, is one of the main drawbacks in the apartment)

  • replacing the computer desk that was falling apart (after many an hour scouring the local thrift stores and craigslist, I scored a serviceable computer cabinet for $55 from a craigslist posting. woo-hoo!)

  • scheming for ways to improve our living arrangement here at the campus apartment, especially in the living room. It's hard to believe we've now been here for more than a year and a half -- and still haven't hung curtains!

  • sorting through thousands and thousands of family pictures -- I love my digital camera but am still enough of a 20th century gal to want Actual Photographs In Albums for at least a fraction of the ones we've snapped. The last ones I'd uploaded and printed out were from March 2009. Snapfish had a 500 prints for $5 deal going on, which was the kick in the pants I needed to tackle taht backlog. Now I've caught us up through August 2011.

My mom keeps warning me that once the kids started school, time would "get up and gallop." I'm really seeing what she means by that. Whoosh! There goes another day!

Tonight I still have a fair amount of stuff left to do, but I wanted to take at least a few moments to catch things up at the blog a bit. I have several posts mulling over in my mind, so hopefully I'll be back to more regular posting very soon!


Sandi said...

New follower here! I love your jewelry it is beautiful! Good job getting stuff done! I need to get off my ass and get it done as well.

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

thanks for the comment, Sandi! here's good luck to us both in Getting Stuff DONE!