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Friday, October 7, 2011

Allergic? Or Not?

This past week, we took BJ to the allergist. We'd gone through some of this about 3 years ago, doing some allergy testing only to find out he's didn't react to anything. "Vasomotor Rhinitis," was the best diagnosis they could make. (Also known as nonallergic rhinitis.) But testing in kids this young can be tricky, so come back in about three years and we'll test again.

Jump to three years later. The kid is still low-level snorky Almost All The Time, sometimes flaring up to more congested than others. This time the visit took more than two hours. By the time we were done, he'd been prick tested on both forearms with 20 different possible allergens. When those all came back negative, he had the intradermal (bubble) test done on his upper arms. 15 injections later (poor boo!) everything was still negative. Here's the poor guy in the waiting room after enduring those 15 injections (they taped tissue to the upper arms to cover where the injections had been done while we were waiting to see if he'd have a reaction to anything).

In spite of the expression (which is spot on for how he was feeling) he was really a trouper. It helped that I'd brought along Toy Dance Party (a big favorite at the moment) so we could read while we were waiting. Here are the allergens he was tested for, all of which came back negative: dust mites, cat hair, dog hair, molds and fungi (alternaria, aspergillus fumigatus, hormonenrum), various pollens (mountain cedar, oak, birch, olive, black walnut, elm, sycamore, acacia, maple, mulberry), various grasses, "other" tree allergens, and various weeds.

So, since all that testing gave us no new information, the doctor recommended following up with blood tests. We just weren't up for getting a blood draw on Tuesday on top of all those other pokes and pricks, so I scheduled that for Thursday afternoon right after school. And BJ was really good for that as well. Five vials of blood later, he told me, "Mom, I decided just to ignore it!" I was so proud of him.

Now we'll see if the blood tests tell us something...

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